June 2009

Interview on Voice of America’s “Wordmaster” program about the discovery of the earliest use of Ms. (Transcript, audio)

Discovery of the first use of Ms. linked by Andrew Sullivan’s Atlantic blog, “The Daily Dish.”

Eric Zorn, “‘Ms.’ is Older Than We Thought” (Chicago Tribune Change of Subject blog, June 24, 2009).

Dogged language maven Ben Zimmer sent me a link to a column in which he announces the discovery of the source of `Ms.’

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Jan Freeman, “Elusive ‘Ms.’ May Be a Mass. Invention” (Boston Globe The Word blog, June 23, 2009).

Ben Zimmer, who has been on the lookout for early uses of Ms for several years, has found what may be the first proposal for the all-purpose female honorific — in a 1901 edition of the Springfield Republican newspaper. Zimmer, executive producer of the language website Visual Thesaurus, reports the discovery today in his Word Routes column.

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Interview on BBC Radio 4 about the supposed million-word milestone, rebroadcast on PRI’s “The World.” (Show page, audio)

Interview on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program about the claim that English was adding its millionth word. (Show page with audio)

Interview on Houston Public Radio about the supposed million-word milestone. (Transcript, streaming audio, download)